Established track record

GeoSpace has more than 20 years’ experience in field survey implementation and operations at a regional and national level. We have an in-house survey management team that manage large numbers of fieldworkers across a broad spectrum of surveys and locations. Our core pool of more than 150 experienced fieldworkers allows us to minimise lead-up times resulting in swift field survey implementation.

Innovative survey solutions

We have developed innovative fieldwork methods involving geospatial technology such as GIS, GPS and our in-house Aerial Photography combined with mobile data collection technology to conduct socio-demographic surveys in various African countries.

We have created digital and mobile data collection instruments for the following entities:

  • The Lesotho Communications Authority Household Survey
  • Namibia Population Census Dwelling Frame Survey
  • The Department of Social Development National Social Grant Impact and Monitoring Survey
  • The Lesotho Ministry of Education and Training Schools Survey
  • The Bushbuckridge Local Municipality Demographic Survey
  • The Lesotho Electricity Company Customer Meter Mapping Project
  • The Gauteng City Regional Observatory Quality of Life Survey

Ability to implement comprehensive panel surveys Case study: NIDS

Our track record confirms our ability to implement complex panel surveys over extended periods of time. The National Income Dynamic Study (NIDS) is a prime example. NIDS is done for the Presidency of South Africa by the Southern Africa Labour-Development Research Unit (SALDRU) at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

NIDS is a national panel survey with a recurring cycle once every two years (called a wave). It focuses on the capturing of a large range of social, health and economic data at individual and household level. The same households are tracked, visited and surveyed during each two-year cycle. The NIDS sample consists of approximately 10,000 households and 40,000 individuals. By design panel surveys poses significant fieldwork challenges. The NIDS sample size and coverage as well as the questionnaire content and complexity makes this survey an even greater challenge! The survey is managed and conducted on a digital platform, using CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing). GeoSpace’s proud involvement in NIDS started in 2011 with Wave 2 Phase 2. Continuing with Wave 3 in 2012 we have done the fieldwork of all subsequent waves of NIDS on a biennial basis.

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Some Past and current clients with survey scope

  • The South African Presidency – National
  • National The University of Cape Town – National
  • Statistics South Africa – National
  • The Human Sciences Research Council – National
  • South African Social Security Agency; Department of Social Development – National
  • The Namibian National Planning Commission – National
  • The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform – Regional
  • The South African Post Office – Regional
  • The Gauteng City Regional Observatory – Regional
  • Bushbuckridge Local Council – Regional
  • The Lesotho Electricity Company – Regional

We are experienced in facing the challenges that field data capturing holds, irrespective of the data collection method, instrument, sample size, ultimate sampling unit or area covered.

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