Unrivalled capacity to produce ortho photos with Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) from 4-50cm.

Leaders in aerial photography: we own and operate a Leica Digital Mapping Camera III (DMCIII) - arguably the most advanced camera system in the industry.

We operate a DMCI and a DMCIII camera. The DMC is the industry’s most innovative and precise turnkey large format camera system. We fly on average about 500sq km per annum at a GSD of 25cm or better.

The complete data acquisition system delivers small-scale or large-scale images with high-quality resolution at engineering-scale accuracy – supplying images with ground resolutions of between 4 and 50 centimeters. The modular system consists of state-of-the-art components centered on frame sensor technology and solid-state data storage to enhance all aspects of the digital workflow. The reliability and accuracy of the DMC exceeds the level of expectation for the industry – ensuring high geometric and radiometric resolution. The system delivers images digitally, enabling direct production of a wide range of mapping and image analysis deliverables, including orthophotos and digital terrain models (DTMs).

Our Aircraft

Our DMC’s are installed in an Aerocommander 690B and a Cessna 421C respectively. The Aerocommander, a turbineengined aircraft, enables us to provide a reliable, guaranteed service virtually everywhere in Africa. We have arguably the biggest aerial photography production capacity in Africa.

Superior Technology

25cmx25cm GSD @ 20,000ft AGL

The new Leica DMC III airborne mapping solution is breaking new ground by combining the world’s largest single frame camera with the most efficient workflow. Based on a brand-new CMOS sensor specifically engineered for airborne applications, the new Leica DMC III airborne camera offers the world’s largest swath generated by a single frame: pure and simple, 25,728 pixels across swath. And because of it’s revolutionary forward motion compensation design, it delivers unprecedented image quality and the unsurpassed geometric accuracy of a monolithic sensor.

Most efficient & intuitive workflow

The intuitive common data processing platform RealWorld features a simple yet powerful workspace that allows the user to easily manage even the largest data sets.

Starting from data download, raw QC to basic data management, it guides you through the processing steps. It provides state-of-the-art project management, radiometric tools and production tools for efficient processing of even large blocks.


The combination of innovative components...

…makes the DMC ideal for capturing data for all mapping applications, including agriculture, cadastral mapping, cartography, forestry, land use/land cover mapping, environmental studies, natural hazard assessment, flood risk management, transportation engineering, urban planning, civil engineering, oil and gas exploration, geology and internet maps.

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