The future of Census taking is digital!

Smart Census consists of the following main modules that, when implemented together, provides a total census solution covering all the phases of a census as can be depicted as follows:

Pre-enumeration Cartography

This module combines current imagery base maps and (required) GIS functionality with a powerful workflow- and workforce manager to enable the creation and/or maintenance of census enumeration areas (EAs).


This module consists of several components (e.g. logistics, training, workforce planning & management) that contributes to Enumeration planning as well as facilitating digital Enumeration through enumerator navigation functionality; dynamic reporting as well as the integration of existing recognised CAPI questionnaires into the Smart Census platform.

Analysis and Dissemination

This module enables the building of dynamic, interactive maps, graphs and tables covering census topics. The user community can access the resultant Smart M.Apps through the Internet using either desktop, tablet or smart phones. The generic Smart M.Apps included in the software has a strong focus on the monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Examples of Smart M.Apps for census dissemination

Advantages of Smart Census

  • Modular system – can be implemented for one, two or all three phases of a census
  • GIS Platform agnostic – integrate with and complement (rather than replace) any existing GIS platform
  • The solution can be configured to meet the exact needs/requirements of each unique census project
  • Platform is robust and reliable
  • Integrated approach to census planning – the solution facilitates the teams working on the different phases of the census to work in a coordinated fashion
  • Navigation capability during mapping and enumeration facilitates increased efficiency and improved quality
  • Real-time automated progress reporting with a geospatial interface during pre-enumeration mapping and Enumeration
  • Product of Hexagon Geospatial ensures product support and regular updates

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